Magical Santa

Heirloom Artwork Creation


Prayers with Santa

Santa loves Milk and Cookies. What do you do before having Milk and cookies, you have prayers with Santa.


Magical Painting

This is always every Childs favorite activity. Here they magically paint with Santa using special paint from the North Pole.


Story Time

Magical story time with Santa. Santa can read the Bible, traditional Night before Christmas, or you can bring your own classic.

The Magical Santa Experience and Heirloom artwork creation for children brings together the nostalgic Rockwell style Christmas where children interact with Santa for a magical 45 minutes. A distraction free experience dedicated to your children and Santa. During the experience they will:
  • Have milk and cookies with Santa
  • Story time with Santa your choice of Traditional or Biblical
  • Wish list excitement with Santa
  • Tales of the North Pole
  • Magical Painting with Santa

Purchase suggested Santa’s Magical Gift (Audio Book, Wish Book, Magic Box, Clue notes, and Thank you notes) (one gift per child)

See Santa’s Magical Gift Here

This is unlike anything they have ever experienced.
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Wear you favorite nostalgic attire as we are creating Heirloom Christmas art to be passed down for generations.